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Tent and Scaffolding Rentals

Our tent and scaffolding rental service guarantees you comfort and satisfaction every time!


We offer high quality tents to suit every occasion.  Whether it is a party, a wedding reception or a corporate function etc., we have a tent ready and waiting for you and always at a price which you can afford!  


Our tents come in white at a 10 x 10 or 20 x 20 sizes.  We transport and set up all our tent rentals, so all you need to do is call us or come in and talk to us about your occasion.  We are always happy to assist you.





Our scaffoldings are designed to help you gain vertical access for all your construction purposes.  Like, our tent rentals, we also transport and set up our scaffoldings.  Simply come in and talk to us or call us for a quotation on your scaffolding rental.


Click the link Rental Request Form to submit a request for rental.